All this moving about!

It’s been a while…

Over a year in fact!!

Where does the time go???

Sadly, the work at the hall never got finished and RG Workshops from whom I was taking a little piece of space from have unfortunately been left with no option to give up the hall as there has been no movement or information on when or how the building was actually going to be finished.

However this also tied with the family moving house and as it happened there is a garage in the new place so with a bit of draughtproofing,  a bit of heating and a bit of imagination, it’s worked as a new workshop!

I’m still on the hunt for a better option but places are thin on the ground around here. Certainly somewhere small enough for a woodwind workshop. We don’t really take up much space but office sized places want offices, and workshop sized places are big enough to park a couple of cars in…