All change again, almost..

As you were all aware, last year I’d moved from the west coast over to the east to work with and learn from Andrew May in Edinburgh.

Andrew is a highly regarded double reed specialist so an opportunity to work with him and learn a bit about the esoteric world of double reeds as well as getting back to grips with clarinets and sax’s again was a fantastic opportunity and this last year has felt like being back at school again at times!

Sadly tho he’s announced that he’s going to be retiring from the profession and closing the shop for good at the end of September. (more details HERE)

This also comes at a time when my family and I are also on the move again but this time only as far as the village of West Linton.

What this means for DMFR is that I will be moving my workshop out that way too!

Exact location to be announced  but watch this space.

I’m also planning to be in Edinburgh at least once a week to be able to take care of any niggling issues and to also take receipt of or return instruments that have needed bigger jobs. Again, I’ll be announcing the exact changes in an upcoming post and over on Facebook and Twitter as well so if you’re usually found on those mediums, be sure to keep an eye out.