Making things.

Occasionally there are some more unusual jobs that crop up. So I get to spend some time at the lathe or some filing or hammering or just plain wondering how to make something.

So with this in mind, I thought I’d post up some of the things I’ve made.

First up, I was asked to provide a tenon cap and cork grease pot for a piccolo. I didn’t have spare’s so I offered to make one. I had a few bits of boxwood gathering dust so thought this would suit well.

Another Item I’ve been asked to make was a replacement D# touch for a handmade silver instrument.

A bit of fettling and a few trial ideas later….

Finally, sometimes it’s just a simple thing. In this case, a piccolo that came in for some work had had quite a hard working life. Whatever the headjoint had been through had taken it’s toll on the crown. I knew I had a small piece of blackwood so offered to make a new crown while it was here.