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Usually it’s pretty self evident what sort of work that is required, usually given by the age of the instrument or how long it’s been since the last time any work was done.

Most jobs tend to fall into one of three categories:


General Repair
This can be anything from adjusting the regulation to sorting out a dent or replacing a broken pad. Anything that isn’t an overhaul or a service will fall under this category.
This has the instrument completely stripped down, cleaned and reoiled and then reassembled, making sure all the pads are seated correctly and regulated. Within reason, pads, corks and felts are replaced as necessary. This is recommended every few years depending on use and how well it’s looked after. From about £75.
The instrument gets stripped and cleaned. All the soft materials and pads are replaced and the instrument reassembled ensuring everything is working as intended. Essentially the instrument is put back into as near ‘as new’ condition as possible. P.O.A 

Timing can vary as to how long it’ll take. Mainly depending on what other work I have on at any one time. As a very approximate rule services are around one to two weeks, overhauls 2 to 4 weeks and general work dependent on just what needs done.

However do ask if something is needed done by a particular time. I can usually accommodate.  Prices are on a case by case basis but I can usually give you an rough idea when I have a bit more information about a particular instrument and what you would like done.


A note about postage.

I’ve received instruments  from all corners of the UK and Ireland and I send them back there too, all done through the Royal Mail Special Delivery service.

In the 5 years here and preceding 7 in London, it has always been the safest, most reliable method.  I’ve also been able to arrange collection or delivery of instruments either by myself or family being in the area or by particular request or need.

The only thing I’d recommend is that the instrument isn’t rattling about in the case and that you don’t pack wadding or bubble wrap over the top of the keys so that it’s compressing the keywork when you close the lid. Put a little around the ends of the body / foot joint / Head joint as needed. Thats usually enough.

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