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  • Contrabass Flute facelift

    I mentioned in the last blog post that I’d been doing some reading into the world of big flutes in relation to a possible job a client had asked about. As it turned out, it was an enquiry into the possibility of getting a contrabass flute keywork silver plated from it’s raw brass state. As […]
  • The big and the Very Very Big.

    In relation to another job I’ve been reading around the world of low flutes. Some very low flutes indeed. We’re all familiar with the concert flute and probably the piccolo. There are alot of fantastic alto and bass flutes available nowadays for a very reasonable prices. Indeed, two such companies  are  GUO and Hogenhuis. You’ve probably […]
  • My Newark clarinet.

      I thought for a first proper blog piece I’d let you have a look at my clarinet, the one that I made as part of the three year woodwind making and repairing course I attended in Newark of Trent. As well as carrying out repairs on all instruments in the woodwind family,  in the […]
  • New website with things!

    Well we’re more than halfway there now! It’s just needed a bit of sitting down and getting it done. Not least of which has been getting the different social things to talk to each other but I think it’s all working now. Theres a few more pics to come yet and and some information around […]
  • New Blog!

    Not sure what blog posting articles will make it here but we’ll see…!
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