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  • Making things.

    Occasionally there are some more unusual jobs that crop up. So I get to spend some time at the lathe or some filing or hammering or just plain wondering how to make something. So with this in mind, I thought I’d post up some of the things I’ve made. First up, I was asked to […]
  • Windchimes!

    I inherited a box of copper pipe offcuts, left-overs from a job by a good friend of mine. I’d dabbled with chimes and chime making before, some years back with a few bits of fifteen millimetre copper water pipe. I was quite surprised at how well they sounded and dug a little deeper into the […]
  • All this moving about!

    It’s been a while… Over a year in fact!! Where does the time go??? Sadly, the work at the hall never got finished and RG Workshops from whom I was taking a little piece of space from have unfortunately been left with no option to give up the hall as there has been no movement […]
  • Aaaaannnnnnd we’re on the move again.

    Aaaaannnnnnd we’re on the move again.

    I’d mentioned a month or so ago that Andy was closing the doors and retiring from the repairing business (for the meantime….?) and that I was going to be moving to a new home both for the family and for DMFR. Well the family part is now done, although there are still boxes to be […]
  • All change again, almost..

    All change again, almost..

    As you were all aware, last year I’d moved from the west coast over to the east to work with and learn from Andrew May in Edinburgh. Andrew is a highly regarded double reed specialist so an opportunity to work with him and learn a bit about the esoteric world of double reeds as well […]
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